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    Whether the grid power is operating or not, commercial solar lighting systems are completely self-sustained and off-grid. This makes them a resilient investment for areas that are prone to blackouts. There is also a backup battery that allows for an additional 5 days of backup power storage for in case there are intemperate or unexpected changes in the weather.

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    There is enough energy reduced by the sun every 10 seconds to meet the energy needs of the world. For that reason, solar energy is the way to protecting our planet in the long run. The unlimited energy source will protect our planet against the damaging emissions that CO2 creates and pollutes from unclean energy producers.

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    There is no trenching or underground wiring that is involved with solar lighting. Since the systems are installed on a pole, installation costs decrease by not having to bring down power lines and trenching into the ground in order to run the wire.

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    No electric bill is associated with off-grid solar lighting systems. Solar lighting systems do all the work for you. There is no grid backup or traditional power sources needed, allowing for a cut in costs of your electricity bill. Several states over $0 down for installation plans that will automatically lower your electric bill and cost nearly nothing to install or maintain.

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    Powered by the sun, the solar panels charge the battery during the day and the controller switches to power the light from that supply during the night. The process repeats itself in the morning. This creates a seamless and effortless process when it comes to setup.

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    There is nothing when it comes to installing a commercial solar powered light. Simply set the pole with the specific foundation requirements and assemble the solar power fixture and mounting bracket on top of the pole. We include a step-by-step installation guide with every system and are here to assist with any questions that you may come across during the process of setting up your system.


Benefits of Solar Lights

Initially the cost of solar lighting may be intimidating, however in actuality, solar lighting is much more economical than electrical powered lights in the long run and when all things are taken into consideration. The use of solar lights is ultimately better for the environment and will help eliminate the thousands of pounds that CO2 emits over the course of our lifetime. Additionally, a solar energy system will add value to property without adding any tax liability.

Note: that additional state, local and utility credits are available to help lower the cost even more. You could even receive federal tax credit of 30%. Contact us for more details.


Challenges of On-Grid Electricity

Why you should consider switching to commercial solar lighting systems today


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    The closest grid connection may be a considerable distance away, ultimately increasing the costs because of the environmental disruption occurring that is required by trenching.

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    The price per kilowatt an hour may be unmaintainable for a community, business, household that is paying for the power.

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    Construction Approval

    When trenching occurs, more often that not, studies are required to determine the environmental impacts of going into the ground causing a high consultation fee along with the possibility that trenching may not be allowed in the first place.

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    Environmental Restrictions

    On-grid lighting may not be an option any longer due to locations that have been designated as environmentally susceptible or at-risk.

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    Current Infrastructure

    Trenching would be costly and potentially damage the existing infrastructure of the site.

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    Power Supply

    Some locations may have unpredictable grid power, increasing the cost of grid lighting and causing a product to potentially not work when it is supposed to.

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    Ground Conditions

    Depending on where trenching would occur, some areas may be at risk due to the water table being too high or ground materials making trenching unstable.

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    Grid Connectivity

    Some cities may desire to use an alternative energy source or even have a mandate from using on-grid power.


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