• Will I have power in a blackout?

    To ensure your safety, the inverters on the panels shut down automatically during a blackout. When power is restored to the grid, your system automatically resumes operation.

  • What rebates and incentives are available?

    The federal and California governments have incentives for multi-family solar projects. Often, incentive programs operate on a first-come, first-served basis, so there╩╝s never been a better time to go solar.

  • What is the warranty on solar panels?

    Our solar panels have a 25-year factory warranty, and the entire system has a 10-year warranty.

  • If my property╩╝s roof is shaded, does that make a difference?

    Shade reduces the amount of electricity your system can produce. With the PCS Energy system the panels can operate independently, so if one panel is in the shade during part of the day, the others still generate electricity. We will design your system for maximum sun exposure, but sometimes a roof may be too shady to make solar feasible.

  • How much maintenance is needed?

    PCS Energy solar systems generally require very little maintenance. Spraying them down with water once a year to remove dirt and debris is typically all that is needed.

  • How many solar panels will I need for my property?

    PCS Energy will survey your property, examine your electric bills, and do a detailed analysis of your electricity usage over the past year; we then size your system accordingly.

  • How does a PCS Energy solar system work?

    Photovoltaic panels made of semiconductor material (silicon) capture sunlight and convert it to direct electric current (DC). Inverters installed on each panel convert the DC current to safe alternating current (AC) that can be used in your property. The AC power is connected to your electrical panel (sometimes called an electrical breaker panel or electrical box) for electricity distribution throughout your property, or for return to the utility grid for credit.